Dominic Grant's George IV Statue

With the sudden loss of Dominic Grant, creator of this incredible sculpture, Thanet Trust, is working with the Royal Harbour 200 Group to fundraise the £50,000 needed to turn the clay statue into a stunning, bronze likeness of George IV and install it overlooking the Royal Harbour.

Dominic spent the last 18 months of his life to making the 7'6" clay statue,  completely free of charge. It was a generous and selfless project for the benefit of the whole community and once cast in bronze will sit atop a granite plinth overlooking the harbour he raised to Royal status. 

This imposing, beautiful statue will help tell the story of Britain's only Royal harbour, a conversation piece for residents and visitors alike which will encourage people to learn more about our Maritime and Royal history.


Ramsgate has a healthy arts scene, and this masterpiece was created here at the harbour by a self-taught sculptor. It's our hope that it will inspire young and emerging artists to pursue their creative dreams.

Dominic described this sculpture as 'His legacy to Ramsgate' and with your help we can make it happen!

You can donate as little as £5 or as much as you like, but please do support this wonderful community project if you can!



Let's get this Big         Boy Bronzed!

George 2-033.jpg
George 2-023.jpg
George 2-025.jpg
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George 2-030g.jpg
George 2-021.jpg
George 2-014.jpg

Dominic's son and daughter, Luke and Sophia, together with grandson Stanley and son-in-law Matt, have worked to finish the back of the cape from half way down in clay, so it would be ready for the next stage of the production process.