Festival Organisers Announce details of the forthcoming book publication

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Note18/12/20: Hard back version out of stock

Janet Munslow (nee Anthony), born in Ramsgate with a family history in the town, going back over 400 years, agreed to write and publish her book as part of the lead up and to commemorate the Royal Harbour of Ramsgate 200th Anniversary Festival in 2021, in collaboration with the Festival Organisers.

The Festival Committee states “This wonderful not-for-profit, book has come about through Janet’s tenacity, extensive knowledge, connection and love of the Harbour and with the close support and hard work of our Festival Secretary, Barbara Sims. Ella Wood (our graphic artist) has worked tirelessly liaising with all parties on this project and formatted the book for publication and Peter Garrard Askew (illustrator) has created some superb original artwork. Everyone involved in this publication, including Janet, have given their time, at no cost.

Famous actor, Brenda Blethyn, Patron of next year’s festival supports the book and says “The Royal Harbour of Ramsgate is a very interesting and informative read and I recommend it to everyone. It makes one proud to be a Ramsgatonian”.

The Festival Organisers worked with Janet to obtain funding to get the book to publication resulting in Ramsgate Town Council awarding a grant in 2019 to develop the concept and to conduct research for the content. This was followed by a further grant, initiated by Councillor Paul Messenger, one of Ramsgates’ representatives at Kent County Council. The funding came from the KCC Combined Members Fund is being used for a limited print run of a casebound (hardback) version of the book due for publication in July 2020.

This will be available for sale at selected local Ramsgate business and via this webpage and social media (see further announcements on actual publication details, pre ordering dates etc.). We plan to produce a stitched (paperback) version of the book later this year or in early 2021.

The organisers will be gifting a copy of the book to every school in Ramsgate and local Libraries in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the only Royal Harbour in the UK.

Janet is pleased to hear that every school in Ramsgate and local Libraries will receive a free copy of the book and says “My family’s close connection to the Harbour has always been an integral part of my life. I am over the moon that I have been able to complete this book about our amazing Harbour. I feel proud of the legacy it will leave Ramsgate and all who read it including local school children”. Janet agrees with the Festival Organisers that although this book is of interest to local people, their aim for a wider distribution is forward thinking, as it is a historically factual document of the only Royal Harbour in the UK.

Note: At the end of the whole book project, any profits will be shared between Ramsgate RNLI and Ramsgate Sea Cadets.

For further information, please contact Barbara Sims, Festival Secretary:

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