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The focal point of our event is the unveiling of the incredible eight foot tall George IV sculpture that is being created by talented local sculptor, Dominic Grant in his studio at Arch 20, Military Road, Ramsgate. Dominic has given his time completely free of charge for this landmark project. Without this unbelievably generous contribution, this whole project could not have gone ahead.  


The unveiling, by a yet to be announced Royal, will take place over a weekend of celebration of Ramsgate Harbour's history and Royal title!  


We are in the early planning stages but the big challenge facing us is to raise the funds for bronze King George IV to be 'bronzed' - ie turned from clay to bronze.

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Our first hurdle is to get King George Bronzed! As you can see, he's already an imposing sight - now imagine what he will look like, catching the evening sunset as it sets across 'his' harbour. The estimated cost for the bronzing is £40,000.00 plus installation costs, so we have a big challenge ahead to secure the funds. But, we have a superb, pro-active team 100% focused to make this happen - and it will!

We're currently arranging various fund-raising plans and ways for us to accept donations but in the mean time send us a message if you would like to be kept updated with events. 

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